By purchasing any product marketed by KOSHER IN PORTUGAL, the customer acknowledges and accepts the certifications that the manufacturers announce, and can not hold KOSHER IN PORTUGAL responsible for any falsehood.

We can only guarantee deliveries whose payments are received up to 5 business days before the date of the 1 delivery to the Mainland. For deliveries in Madeira and the Azores please contact us.

KOSHER IN PORTUGAL never opens the packaging or makes any changes to the products. The products are delivered in their original packaging. The quality of the products is the one that is proposed by the manufacturers. KOSHER IN PORTUGAL is only responsible for delivering products within the expiry date mentioned on the packaging.

KOSHER IN PORTUGAL uses its own packaging to pack and protect the products purchased.

In case of delay in delivery of the order in the place and day combined or the order arrives in poor condition, the responsibility of KOSHER IN PORTUGAL is limited to the return of the amount paid for this order.

The request is considered closed when it is delivered to the requested location. If it is not delivered, for any reason other than those mentioned above, the order returns to our premises and will be available to the customer for 3 days in a row, at the end of which the order is canceled, and there is no refund of the amount paid.

The meal orders have included wipe, napkin, glass and cutlery per order.

Minimum order of € 50,00 fees included.

The customer undertakes to provide a valid contact form (telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp, Messenger) during their stay in Portugal so that we can inform about the delivery or any other matter related to the order.

KOSHER IN PORTUGAL never provides or shares it´s customers' data with partners or third parties.