Tour Portugal with Benny - a Jewish guide born and raised in Lisbon.

Visitors to Portugal can not but fall in love with its rich history, architecture, gastronomy and natural beauty spots - but also the unknown history of a once-prosperous and influential ancient Jewish community.

In our tour, we pay tribute to the vestiges of Jewish history in Portugal visiting places and communities, rich in Jewish heritage, many of which were believed to have been lost over the centuries.

Yet, we will not neglect all the other historical and cultural attractions.

For the more observant visitors, we deal with all the necessary arrangements for your Kosher meal to be present during the entire tour, whether on the Mainland or the Madeira Islands and the Azores.

For those who appreciate authentic Mediterranean cuisine, rich in history, legends and flavors, we guarantee that you will never forget the fish of our coast, the kid of the Alentejo plains or the calf of the mountains to the north. Not to mention the velvety of our red wines, the fruity of the whites, the fineness of the rosés or the sweetness of the muscatels, whose aromas will eternalize in your memory.

Small discoveries such as horseback riding or sailing along the coast, we can offer the tour chosen by you.

If you are a lover of driving, in Portugal you have the opportunity to cross different scenarios of different beauties, in a relaxed driving tour. We will be your guide.

Choose your language - we speak Portuguese, English, Hebrew, Spanish and French